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Meet The Owner

My name is Jex Arzayus. I'm an art teacher/artist/actor that is passionate about food and starting a sustainable business. I grew up in New Jersey eatin amazing Italian subs. I want to mimick that in my vegan sandwiches.

I'm half Colombian, half Italian and love to travel. My food is influenced by my heritage and the amazing street food I've eaten throughout my travels.

Our Story

Welcome to Rabbit Grub! The idea is to create a mobile bike food service that offers healthy, plant-based cuisine to everyone from the Powderhorm Park and surrounding neighborhoods this summer in Minneapolis, MN. I want to utilize my love of biking and my obsession with food trucks to create a minimal carbon footprint and lo cost startup buisness model. Rabbit Grub is an environmentally sustainable and cruelty-free, plant-based company geared to people who want to eat more of a plant-based diet. Rabbit Grub bike food cart will offer the community vegan sandwiches and locally made kombucha because very few options exist within the park and surrounding areas for a quick, healthy bite to eat.

What Makes Us Unique

The menu is influenced by the best New Jersey subs as the corner store wher I grew up. You could get an amazing sub with homemade ingredients and local produce and that's the kind of vegan sandwiches I wan to make. I want to make them hearty, healthy and filled with fresh local ingredients. I will also be offering smal batch kombucha from a local brew master. In addition, I anticipate offering specialty items as well. I will be connecting with local commercial kitchens about renting space.

Food is a passion of mine, it brings friends and family, and people who normally would not mix together. I want my vegan and non-vegan friends to come together to eat my sandwiches and feel amazing, satisfied, and enlightened. You can reach people's hears and minds if you can give them something good to eat. It can also start a dialogue about animal rights issues and healthy eating habits.

To carry my sandwiches and kombucha I am specially designing a bike with a large refigerated wooden box. The box can carry 200 items or more at a time and will also have the ability to accept credit and debit cards. The bike takes less maintenance to operate and uses less fossil fuels than a food truck and it will give me plenty of exercies while I am working.

Community Matters

My hope is to partner with organizations in the surrounding community that server at-risk youth and help them build and own a bike food cart to create their own business model.

I see a need in the Powderhorn Park neighborhood for a healthy fast food option especially in the park. I would also like to partner with local food vendors to get the best local products for my sandwiches and goods. I see a need to empower People of Color (POC) and LGBTQ people like myself to own their own business and partner with other POC and LBGTQ organizations like Kindred Kitchen to provide much needed services and mentoring.